Tuesday, 7 April 2015

South Durras

I could go on forever and forever about how much I adore this place. Just as Manyana and Sydney does, it holds such a precious place in my heart. I have made the most incredible life long friendships with the most inspirational people in my life, they genuinely are so special to me. I see a group of 10 childhood friends once a year for 4 days at easter time and every year, nothing changes. I've watched each and everyone grow up and develop into incredible human beings. I can laugh until I cry and dwell on our silly little traditions such as surfing white wash on 7ft blue foam boards, having bonfires with wet wood through relentless waiting and optimism, playing charades and having dnm's on wet sand at midnight. We've made an unspoken pact that we'll continue to go to South Durras until long after we have our own kiddie winkles.

I would just like to thank the gorgeous soul that is Alana (Instagram- @alana.martin) for making such a beautiful video that makes me fall in love over and over again.

And here's a few photos (@elenamayphotography).

Love, Elena x


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