Wednesday, 5 August 2015

A Little Update

I've been so absent from this space. It was supposed to be a creative outlet and a positive space exuberayting all my happiness and love for my incredible world. I lost the motivation... or I didn't. I became obsessed with the pursuit of perfection and my image and my 'brand'. I got lost within my own expectations and the expectations that I thought others may have. Also, uni got crazy and getting used to... it isn't easy or fun. There's alot of work. I'll get back on track eventually, just give me some time. I want to create new and interesting content and I want to to inspire and collaborate and enjoy this, for it should be authentic and not filtered and blurred into an idealistic 'thing'. Next up, I'll do a Splendour in the grass review/update/'a nice way to say I'm unfortunately going to rub in my insane experience'. But that excites me. It will be good and bear with me.

All the love and wishes, Elena xx


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