Thursday, 7 January 2016

Passion, taints my sanity and changes my mindset, it warps my judgements so that I become spontaneous, sometimes irrational but free and intoxicated.

The feeling of infinite positive human energy. Likeminded people in a screaming,dancing singing mess. A joyous atmosphere and an endless passion. Happiness within friendships, happiness within new people and new connections, good music, a packed car and meaningful and genuine conversations. A virtuous feeling of insanity and defeat. A daze and disconnection from reality. No sense of time and responsibility. A feeling of indescribable bliss and comfort. A surge of vitality. 

I feel charged with inspiration and ambition. Ready to take on the world with an open mind and a realistic view of future hardships. 

Learnt, is the idea that emotions stretch beyond ordinary everyday life and prove to be so much deeper than a smile or a frown.

Elena, xx


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