Friday, 20 November 2015

Listening to Chet Faker at the Opera House, with the Harbour Bridge in the background, post drinking a bottle of Rose' at Opera Bar was an insanely iconic, memorable and surreal moment. It's always the unplanned plans.... Before going, we ate copious amount of Thai food before getting dressed within 15 minutes, realising it was raining and being handed in a motherly fashion, unknowingly, an under sized leopard print raincoat in preparation for the predicted, torrential down-poor and then heading off on the train to Circular Quay. With arriving at 7.30pm for Chet's set starting at 9.30pm, our only option was to head to Opera Bar to buy an exceedingly expensive bottle of wine, knowing that our university student budgets and bank account would suffer, drinking or sculling or sipping it, throwing our heads back and looking towards the sky... 30 minutes later, the sunset was more beautiful than ever, we delved into deep conversation and strutted/slow danced/swayed our way into the forecourt. We lined up for the porta loos, twice... obviously and sat down in the mosh pit.

Chet Faker is a capturing guy, his voice and presence is warming and introspective and impersonally personal. I danced alot, reciting every lyric of No Diggity and Gold and 1989 and Talk is Cheap and let's be completely real just the whole Built of Glass and and Thinking in Textures, did my weird, iconically strange hand movements and moved my hips, regardless of the guy beside me complaining about the back up singer/dancers, Chet's lack of beard (justified complaint), stage effects and sound quality. But nonetheless, the night was made when Marcus Marr joined the stage for 'The Trouble With Us', confidently strutting their insane versatility for the packed out Opera House Forecourt. McDonalds, is regretfully a necessity after half a bottle of wine is consumed and this was no different to any other drunken adventure....

Elena, xx


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