Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Elena's January Diaries 2016

The start of 2016 has been absolutely insanely amazing and beautiful.

It started off with a very drunk Elena, a bottle of passion pop in hand and a group of gorgeous friends.... It then led to Field Day, 1st January 2016. Again, tipsy at my own will, and suffering.... just a tad but nonetheless, vodka filled, home-made yoghurt flasks in hand (or tucked under my belt), surrounded by my nearest and dearest. I danced, for about 8 hours straight along to the sounds of Safia and Halsey, Flight Facilities, RL Grimes, Disclosure, San Cisco and The Wombats. The 1st of January ended with a sore head and chicken nuggets in hand, sitting crossed-legged on the floor of Wynyard Station. 

Then... with witnessing a flawless and heart-filled Wombats set at Field Day I spontaneously bought my sister and I tickets to their concert on the 3rd and it was nothing less than absolutely brilliant... keeping in mind on the 4th January 2016 we were catching a flight to Bali..

No, but Bali was brilliant. I did little more than sit by the pool, sipping cocktails and reading and swimming and eating brilliant food. A relaxing week, most definitely. We explored a tad but took full advantage of Balinese massages and mani-pedi's and a gorgeous hotel room... 100% spoil rotten to an awfully embarrassing extent.

(A video in summary).

The next week  it was back to reality... working and all that fun stuff.. childcare (YAY). I spent every living free spare moment I had, at the beach, mostly at Freshwater but I also ventured off to Collins Beach, Shelly Beach and Jump Rock.

And then Courtney Barnett on the 16th January. A lady whose appeal lies purely within real, genuine, relatable, lyrics and a raspy tone that exudes a refreshingly real woman. I had low expectations and can be completely honest in saying, I largely bought the ticket to see supporting band, Cloud Control. But she exceeded expectations in a positively obscure way.

More beach and adventure... a weekend at Bents Basin for the Long Weekend. We enjoyed the sun and the run in a campsite beside a large river. I faced my fear of heights and leaped off jump rock into unknown water.. very murky. Excitement got the better of us and the reality of potential illness was pushed to the back of our minds. And then we ventured for two hours through rapids. We walked and jumped, slipped and fell over rocks and creeks and swam in order to achieve a challenge set out by Mitch...  and then drank a hell of alot with the freedom of no responsibility.

26th January.... Australia Day. Not quite something I support or promote. It was nice to be around friends. We started our Triple J Hottest 100 at 3pm and danced, drank and talked our way through to number 1. I absolutely realised the importance of wonderful people, good energy and brilliant music. Watermelon and Vodka jelly, countless bottles of Cider and Pims and punch all consumed to ensure the day and night ended with a bang beyond belief. 

An acceptance in a double degree in Arts and Social Work after alot of waiting... assurance for some direction careerwise. However, a long way to go....

January ended with a trip to Shark Bay in Sydney. A beach on the harbour recommended by Concrete Playground as a night swimming spot. Initially, disappointing and then extremely surprising. A flawless sunset with the sensational Sydney skyline in the background. I would definitely recommend. 

All in all, a good, positive and adventure filled start to a new year. 

All the love, Elena xx


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