Sunday, 7 February 2016

I went to Manyana and had the time of my life...

Like every single time we go, it's a period of pure glee and joy and happiness. It becomes a symbolic place. Every year it provides me with an opportunity to reflect upon my year and continue forward where I'm lacking in mobile cell reception, unwanted visitors and all other forms of technology. I can reach a place where I'm so in touch with nature and my passions. I listen to music and surf and walk and every single day I fall asleep and wake up to a view of the beach. I can detoxify not only my body but my mind. I can hear the waves and have time for myself and have the support and connection with my closest friends and family. I laugh constantly and smile and feel free. I don't know anyone else. I don't know anywhere else I feel so at peace and at home. I know the area like the back of my hand. We have been for 8 years straight now. A fair few life stages.. for all eight of us. Many New Years Eves', countless surfs and rekky's (both successful and unsuccessful), the loss and gain of our nearest and dearest, new friendships, new careers, a new dog... or two.... but always a pleasure, every year.

Elena xxx


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