Thursday, 10 November 2016

A pledge to remain starry eyed...

A pledge to remain starry eyed... A pledge to find myself again and hold it tight, to not let it go.

I lost myself there for a little bit. Under winters cold embrace, I lost myself. I lost myself in a relationship, where the only fault was my own. I lost my passions and my flare and spontaneity. Our feelings are divine messages from the universe and I neglected to acknowledge them. I pushed on and made myself sick to my stomach. I felt the hurt all through my body. The type that you feel behind your rib cage. You can't eat or sleep. I became unaware of the light that shon behind me. When all I knew was the hurt painted upon my chest. Each beat with such intensity that when I looked at the moon, looked at the sun, I waited for someone who understood. For I feel it all, I feel the earth's rhythm below my feet, and I feel the sweet tangling of pure hearts. I look for the the warming afternoon light, truth in the moon and in the stars, a lingering touch, rawness, wild eyes, the whispers of the sea, a golden light within the ocean, within the sky...

A pledge to remain starry eyed.

I'm hoping I'll be back again with confidence. I have over 50 drafted blog posts that I feel as though I should post. But courage is a thing that I need and I'll find it and it will all happen. Promise.

Elena, xx


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