Monday, 7 March 2016

I went to Secret Garden Festival 2016...

Oh my gosh god darn god I LOVE music festivals. This was no exception. I had a freaking blast.

It was pretty magical. I was covered in glitter from start to finish... copious amounts... as was my tent, my sleeping bag, clothes, underwear, eyeballs, contact lenses and hair... you get the idea. Goon and blackcurrent juice... phenomenal. There were many little whimsical, crafty nooks and crannies and it was sensational. I danced through a mermaid palace, a jungle, my own mind, pom poms, alcohol and goon, vodka... all the things. I danced to Mansion Air, Montaigne, Tuka, Sex on Toast, the Meeting Tree, Hayden James, Roland Tings, Raury and SASKWATCH and Matt Corby.

In the bush, up a hill we discovered a black room full of fluro paint... I love paint and I love drawing. I got paint everywhere.... a hand print shaped pink fluro SPLOTCH on my docs, on my back and arms and face, on my white dress (very conveniently right where where my nipples is.. #freethenipple).  Then we moved on to dance in a jungle.... it was 80s music and I've never ever danced and smiled quite that much. We saw our friend from earlier. A 20 year old human being who works at a lighthouse on the South Coast... very much NOT sober but extremely giddy and happy and killing it on the dance floor. His friend was toothless because "he didn't want to loose it" and was extremely offended when we suggested that the whole 'I don't have a tooth thing' wasn't really working in his advantage. We laughed it off and all took a sip from our flasks.

I woke up the next day really feeling worse for wear with 2 hours sleep in a furnace otherwise known as a tent. Nothing that a nap on a bright purple yoga mat in the sun, two panadols, a shower in a porta-loo cubicle ma boob, fresh orange juice and an egg and bacon couldn't fix... The day started off extremely slow. We talked to the Norwegian tourists staying next to us, gained some new neighbours from the Northern Beaches, four familiar faces and started to get ready for another night. Added to the large amounts of glitter were feathers and face paint and Woodstocks, pasta and vodka... Hayden James and rain drops ended the night with a bang and a half and we jetted off to bed with two hours sleep finally catching up to us.

I created a little video. Something that I have really, really enjoyed doing in the last little while. It's therapeutic and I like having it somewhere forever, it creates a nice space for good memories. It's a completely personal thing that I've put on a more public platform. Almost like my blog. I love this blog and always struggle to actually post the stuff I've written. It sits in a diary that is just written and read by me and I pick and choose what I type up... confidence plays a part. But here's the video, not perfect and extremely raw and ragged.

Love Elena, xx


  1. Hey, I'm thinking of going to next years secret garden! Just curious, can you take your own alcohol in?

  2. It’s not allowed.... discouraged but ordinarily we sneak it in in boots and clothes and taped to the bottom on car seats etc and that works well :)




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