Friday, 27 June 2014

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JUNE- Favourite Music

I thought a nice little monthly something-something would be quite pleasant.
So every month I'll be doing a recollection of all of the music I have been listening to throughout the month with links to them on youtube... Eventually I hope that my viewers will be able understand my music taste... it's incredibly versatile and please place some recommendations in the comments!

Here we go.....

1. London Grammar- Stay Awake

** I've actually loved these guys for a while but have stayed within my safety zone by listening to Hey Now and Strong... This month I ventured to experience some of their other stuff and experienced this.. enjoy. 

2. Haim- If I Could Change Your Mind

** Haim is my ultimate favourite, I cannot say enough about this insane band!

3. Alt J- Tesselate 

4. Ariana Grande- Problem 

5. Lianne La Havas- Is Your Love Big Enough

6. Benjamin Francis Leftwich- Atlas Hands

7. Daughter- Youth

8. Tame Impala- Elephant

9. Ball Park Music- Surrender

10. Kanye West- Bound 2

** I know it's incredibly sexist, however I can't deny the appeal of the chorus....

Tata for now, until next time.

Elena, x


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