Saturday, 15 August 2015

A trip to the beach is refreshing, it's cleansing, the most natural form of therapy in the world. It cleans wounds- spiritually, emotionally and mentally. It's dense with energy, a natural energy that is omnipotent, omnipresent.

When life gets ridiculously crazy and I get completely overwhelmed I always turn to a 6am beach trip. It's usually 'organised' spontaneously. I text Steph it goes along the lines of 'I need to go to the beach'. It's a way of saying 'my life is a mess, I'm currently a messy brain, a messy head and my bedroom is just as bad... help.' The forty minute drive is nearly as good as jumping in the water. It consists of a variety of music. You can take a pick from my 42 mix tapes that are permanently located in my glove box. There's one called 'probably don't listen to it' (this is usually one direction and taylor swift) or another called 'Elena's go to hippy, gypsy, happy disc' or 'ghetto times' which features beyonce and kanye and an assortment of R&B and rap. My favourite part is when we go through Oxford Falls, it's any person's dream home destination, located with a farmland like feeling but only a 10 minute drive to the beach and not to mention the view which looks out onto the ocean.

Jumping into salt water is pure bliss. I've always felt this way. The ocean is a place where I can reconcile. A place where my thoughts can be forgotten and I can connect with something that is the closest thing I can find to magic. It makes me smile and beam with happiness.

In the sun, the water can sparkle and glisten. And the sunrise and the sunset... it's absolute magic.

Tata for now, Elena x


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