Saturday, 24 October 2015

October Playlist

My October playlist is extremely strange and vibrant and a little bit all over the place. It reflects my crazy and awesome month. I have explored so many new things, I've had time to reflect and change and grow as a human, in conjunction with others, individually and personally.

1. King Kunta- Kendrick Lamar

This song is weird and wacky and just SO out of the ordinary for me. But my lovely @poopgie has made me fall in love.

2. Sober- Childish Gambino

3. Hoops- The Rubens

4. Hands to Love- Nathan Hawes

Yesterday I was told this guy featured on the voice. Before now, I had never heard of him but his gorgeously sweet and flawless voice appeals to me more than anything.

5. Sad Machine- Porter Robinson

6. Wash it Away- Nahko and Medicine for the People

He's a source of musical healing. An absolutely amazing energy and sound and expression.

7. It's Nice to be Alive- Ball Park Music

8. If You Wanna- The Vaccines

9. Apollo- Last Dinosaurs

The Last Dinosaurs are forever amazing... I cheese every time this song or any of their songs come on.

10. Treehouse- Gold Fields

Also, shout out to Sticky Fingers and their insane vibes at their gig at the Enmore. Crazy, cray, crazy. The most amazing atmosphere and music and just generally, they are pretty awesome humans. The highlight of the night was definitely burritos at GYG, the 17 year off his head asking us to answer maths equations and getting a surprise, much needed lift to maccas at 2am.


Elena, xx


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