Wednesday, 2 March 2016

February Playlist

I have discovered sound cloud and 100% fallen in love, ridiculous amounts. So here's my february playlist...

1. Anyway- Slum Sociable 

This is very, very, very cool and interesting and just a lil bit groovy.

2. Middle- Dj Snake, Bipolar Sunshine

3. Pillow Talk- Zayn

This song is extremely sensual and and lurving the new song.

4. Wallflower- Maribou State

Very psychedelic and chilled, no lyrics but extremely intriguing.

5. Forces- Japanese Wallpaper ft Airling

I've never been a humungous fan of Jap Wallpaper but Airling adds so much dimension.

6. I got U- Duke Dumont

Good, good music video and it makes me want to dance.

7. Soul- Atlas Bound

8. Mountain at my Gates- Foals

A music video in 360 and an awesome sound.

9. Old Pine- Ben Howard

An old song that I will love forever and ever.

10. Hopeful- Taku

Last but definitely not least... a song that has so so much ambience, no lyrics but so so beautiful.

All the love and wishes, Elena xxx


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