Friday, 30 January 2015

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After coming back from 6 weeks in Europe I have been rediscovering my favourite summer things. It's a little bit of a sweet assortment of many different items and bits and bobs from all over the shot.

Thanks to my lovely little friend Madi, I can not go a week without consuming at least 2-3 coconuts... At our local fresh food grocer- Harris Farm- they happen to be $2-3 and they work well for a post-workout treat. They are most definitely my guilty pleasure and I will forever be in debt to Madi for introducing me.

I use this everyday. I make juices, smoothies, icec-ream, treats etc etc and I luuurve it.

(Concoction pictured: 8-10 pitted dates, water- I always just shuck in however much I please, 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence and cacao powder on top and it tastes like a caramel/vanilla/DELICIOUS milkshake).


I also love watermelon, ice, oranges, lime and a little bit of chilled water chucked into the blender. 


I love 2 frozen bananas and a tad of water and ice all blended up into the thickest, yummiest, most delicious vegan ice-cream and (sometimes vanilla essence or cinnamon is good with it too).

I have gotten more and more back into watercolour painting and ink and pen drawings and I'm loving experimenting with different colours and textures and paper and pens, WEEEEEE.

(I'm kind of all over cheap, two dollar shop watercolours. If you find the right ones, most colours are reasonably pigmented and when you mess around and are a perfectionist like me, they are a much cheaper investment. If I'm feeling more adventurous then I'll jump straight into using my precious 'Windsor and Newton' watercolour paints). 

For christmas, my bestest bud EVER gave me the sweetest little teapot from T2 and I absolutely adore it. I'm also becoming increasingly obsessed with green tea, especially home made iced green tea.

LINK to the same one here

Summer is incredible in Sydney but the humidity is something that takes getting used to and it's given me a little shock since being back SO of course I've resorted to flowy tops, lace bralets, bikinis and dresses.

This dress is about 3 years old and I wear it at least 2 out of 7 days and I've broken and self sewed it together again twice now. It's from DISSH but I doubt you'll find it now.

Little Bralets... from COTTON ON BODY. For small boobs they are extremely wearable but for anything bigger than a B cup they would offer zero support. Nonetheless, they show some NIP but that doesn't both me... 

I actually discovered the day after we landed in Sydney, after my first gym session since getting back, I did the whole 'quick zip to the shops 5 minutes before it closes' and discovered this bubble bath too soothe my tragically underworked to quickly overworked 'muscles'. If you happen to have sensitive skin like me, it is extremely soft and doesn't create redness etc etc etc.

(In Australia, you can just find it at Woolworths or IGA or Coles- easy peasy).

I spilt this on my fking bedspread...

I cannot think of anything more fulfilling than a yoga class with a 5 minute relaxation/meditation/sleep at the end. And I am SO keen to try hot yoga in the very very near future.

I eat sushi about 2 times a week and will now drive the extra 10 minutes to find black rice.

It should definitely be called purple rice sushi.

Slam poetry is a new discovery of mine... My dad kind of introduced it to me a few months ago but my interest got buried beneath many other priorities. I now have a little bit more time and it's my 'I'm at home on a saturday night so i'll get caught up in the youtube black hole and vortex'. I watch it into the morning and it ignites in me, my passions and anger and new found interests. 

This channel has an assortment of incredible people reading their personal stories through the execution of slam poetry. 


Let me know if you enjoyed this, I enjoyed making it, it was quite fun.

TATA for now, 
Elena x.


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