Friday, 23 January 2015

Vulnerability is Strength

A wellbeing alignment.

I'm a reasonably personal person (BUT HEY, I still write a blog). I have trouble putting things into perspective, sequencing my life into a place where I can feel content and mollify my own thoughts and worries. Its all about perception and vulnerability...

I'm trying to accept the notion that vulnerability is my ultimate strength, that it provides me with a power that nothing else possibly can. I'm trying to accept that vulnerability is the doorway to discovering my 'positive' characteristics that are disguised beneath perceptions. My self protective defence has been unconsciously erected since I was young as I've constantly retreated behind a partition of self protection, self stability and comfort, my comfort zone. I've subconsciously created a mental and emotional wall that has blocked my self awareness of my 'true' self.

"All should be encouraged to reveal themselves, their perceptions and emotions and to build confidence." - Ansel Adams

On the exterior I've always felt as though my disinclination to accept reality is there to keep harm out. But I now think of it differently, in a positive way. I can reflect on the clamped, claustrophobic feeling that was uncomfortable and confining to create change that allows me to embrace my insecurities and my vulnerable side to grow as a person. So I'm learning, slowly and carefully to accept every situation as it is, including my feelings and how I respond physically, mentally and emotionally.

I'm also excessively aware of the fact that vulnerability is learnt and and embraced in layers. I'm just about at step 1 out of 100. But I'm excited and so willing to embrace new ideas and if they don't work out completely then so-be-it.


Thankyou once again for putting up with my thought processes.

Elena x


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