Friday, 30 January 2015

My Top 10 Songs of All Time

I'm lacking a little bit of inspiration but have decided to post my 'Top 10 Songs of all Time' with a little review.

1. Bittersweet Symphony- The Verve

This is my exponentially, nostalgic song that reminds me of dancing around our living room in our house inAlbion Street, Pennant Hills with my best friend Steph after our weekly Ballet lessons with Mrs Hediger at 'North Shore Ballet'.

2. Everyday People- Arrested Development

This is a family favourite. My dad is extremely liberal in his music tastes and has always introduced us to an assortment of different genres. It reminds me of trips to the beach as naive 7 year old. 

3. Dry Your Eyes- The Streets

An incredible powerful song about heartbreak and all things RELATIONSHIPS (something that I'm not so experienced in) BUT it's also nostalgic as this was another household favourite. (He looks like Mr Bean in this video...sorry). 

4. To Build a Home- The Cinematic Orchestra

Only listen to this song if you really want to play around with your emotions. It reminds me of the loss of loved ones, my favourite place in the world, Manyana and a mask.

5.  Scar- Missy Higgins

I love absolutely everything Missy Higgins. I personally interpret this as a song of rebellion, about realising you've trusted the wrong people and misinterpreted them and finding a way to benefit from the scars you've left behind. 

6.  Afire Love- Ed Sheeran

Incredibly relatable and it tells a story. For those who don't know, it's about his grandfather who had Alzheimers and passed away last year, he finished it on the day of his funeral. I will forever have a soft spot for Ed Sheeran.

7. Wayfaring Stranger- Ed Sheeran

I love this guys voice, he has soul and the composition is incredible (I think it's Ed Sheeran's composition... which is also incredible).


8. Home- Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

The words are straightforward and have simple meaning but they trigger deeper feelings. They have such a calm, chilled out vibe.  

9. Youth- Daughter

Generally, I believe this song is about growing up. A scream of pain directed to 'ignorant' adults as she opposes strongly to the general illusion of a carefree youth. 

10. I can't choose the last one yet.....

TATA for now, Elena x


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