Friday, 12 December 2014

I'm in PARIS.... The city of love, culture and wealth. Beautifully complex and abundant. I'm writing a journal as well, for me, personally but I'll put a few bits and pieces from it here and photos.

Day #1- 7th December 2014

- Eiffel Tower
- Arc du Triumphe
- Champs Elysee
- La Chappelle
- Garde e Norte
- River Siene

Day #2- 8th December 2014

- Musee du Louvre
- Centre Pompidou

Day #3- 9th December 2014

- Versailles Palace
- Notre- Dame
- St Michelle

Day #4- 10th December 2014

- Sacre Couer
- Monte Martre
- Moulin Rouge
- Saint Germaine de pres
- Musee D'Orsay
- Love wall

Day #5- 11th December 2014

- Late morning
- Lunch at a tradition French restaurant in saint Michel
- Palais du Tokyo
- Christmas markets
- Champs Elysee 


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