Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Switzerland... Renowned for its soaring prices, gorgeous landscapes and cold weather.

It is an incredible country that I really enjoyed. We probably spent too much time here just because we didn't ski or tobogan or do any of those activities that you're supposed to do in the snow and so we did lack in things to do. 

So here is a little itinerary of each day, something that I do everyday in my journal just so I remember what I actually got upto when I don't have time to write a full on entry.

Day #1- 12th December 2014 (*Lucerne)

- Train ride to Lucerne- 8 hours
- Getting to know the city

Day #2- 13th December 2014 (*Lucerne)

- 'Alone time' in Starbucks- eating, writing and reading.
- Walk along the river
- Christmas markets

Day #3- 14th December 2014 (*Interlarken)

- Train to Interlarken- 2 hours
- Train trip to Grindewald
- Read

Day #4- 15th December 2014 (Interlarken)

- Juangfrau- mountain 4000m above sea level

Day #5-16th December 2014 (*Interlarken to Zermatt)

- Train ride- 2 hours
- Explored town

Day #6- 17th December 2014 (*Zermatt)

- Wifi and 'me' day
- Lunch in a bakery
- Some exploration

Day #7- 18th December 2014 (*Zermatt to St. Moritz

- Glacier express- 8 hour train ride through the Swiss alps

(@soopgie on instagram)

Day #8- 19th December 2014 (St. Moritz to Rome)

- Train ride(s)- 22 hours
- Bernina express through Swiss Alps and Italian landscape


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