Tuesday, 30 December 2014

I'm Day #1- 24th December 2014

- 3 hour train ride
- Markets
- P'uome church

Day #2- 25th December 2014 (CHRISTMAS)

Christmas was quite strange. We didn't do the whole present giving thing that w would usually do in Sydney and tried to embrace our time in Florence instead of dwelling on missing our loved ones.

- Brioche and coffee in a cafe
- 1 hour walk to the other side of Florence to Gabs apartment
- Christmas lunch with Gabby, Patrick, Steve and Dani (our neighbors from Sydney who were doing air BNB and offered their cost apartment for Christmas lunch
- A walk in the main centre

Day #3- 26th December 2014

- The morning was spent in the laundromat
- Long walk and getting lost
- Met an old little Italian man

Day #4- 27th December 2014

- Ufizzi gallery
- Italian fine dining

Day #5- 28th December 2014

- 2 hour train ride to Pisa

Day #6- 29th December 2014

- 2 hour train trip to Sienna

Next stop- Venice

Elena, x


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