Thursday, 11 December 2014

I think it's the undeniable giggles where your expressions are suppressed under a puffed breath that expresses optimal laughter, proving to be the epitome of true friendships.

With a good friend of mine (you know who you are), we have had countless conversations regarding the art and importance of finding good friendships and discovering and exploring different connections with different people in your life... It has become seemingly obvious since finishing school, which people add meaning and value to my life. The people who understand you, understand the 'real' you, the you without a facade, without a mask.

I believe that you have several soul mates, they pop into your life for a reason- male and female, different class, different race: soul mates are the people who you instantly understand, who instantly understand you. At age 18 I have found a few soul mates, about 4 to be completely honest. These people I can expose everything to. My vulnerabilities... Everything. I can't be submissive of my other friends, they still mean the absolute world to me, they inspire, encourage and have shaped the person I am today. I have a unique connection with each and everyone of them. 

This blog post has been in my journal for a long time... It's now time to post. Before I was scared of the reaction of other people and what they would think. Especially knowing that old friends and gme public read it (I think). I'll scare some people off, hurt and intrigue some. 
The shy and introvert elena will come out, even if it is online... Not that it counts so much, don't worry I know. 

I'll have an epiphany soon and write another on the same topic....

Elena, x

(Writing this from a cafe in Paris- Saint Germaine- the man beside me is trying to read my journal).




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