Wednesday, 10 December 2014

It's the distinctive smell of the sterilized seats, overused pillows and vacuum packed food that disturbs me the most. The fact the it is so very hard to not breathe in the stench of the persons breath next to you and the constant fight for the arm rest when you are reluctantly positioned in the middle seat. Or the fact that only the privileged receive exemplary service and chocolate covered peanuts because first class is only for the very very wealthy. The mere fact that the only way to get to a country full of vibrant culture is on a plane, jam packed with over 300 people, all on their own selfish mission and personal journey. 

I'm a teenager, an adult? (By law...), a young girl who's only just out of school and hasn't even had the chance to explore the world... Our world. I know nothing. I'm so inedequate in comparison to others. I hold no power, no authority. I'm just living, floating along just how everyone else is.... Unfortunately. This is probably my number 1 internal conflict, the one thing I want to change, I mean there are so many things that  I want to change. To name a few, poverty, the ultimate cure for cancer, feminism and gender equality? 

Over the last year I have been through a hell of a lot... 1 HSC, 3 funerals... 3 deaths, 1 robbery, countless breakdowns.... I'm a strong optimist and a strong believer in 'everything happens for a reason' and I believe that over the last 12 months I have grown significantly as a person. All of this heartache and suffering, it can't have been all for nothing...?

Weirdly, it was the costraphobic feeling of being stuck on an aeroplane that made me think and reconsider... If you know me personally I do this more often than not. It helps me put things in perspective, something which I definitely aspire to do more often. I am such a miniscule part of our society....

There's my brain vomit #1 on this blog.

TATA for now,

Elena, x.


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